Optimized & Industry-ready Solutions

For All Your Complicated Needs

We produce a wide range of products for water movement. We try always to find best solution for your needs, from small garden irrigation or home pressure up to big industrial or civil installattion.

Check our products, we are at your full disposition for any further information or suggestion you may needs to choose the right solution for you.

Our Innovations

Industry Focused Products!

We assemble in our plants booster sets, from standard jet pumps with 24 liter tank, up to groups of 4 pumps for many civil or industrial applications.

High quality, 100% made in Italy wide range of submersible pumps and motors going from 4″  up to 12″ wells, covering all applications and needs.
Surface at horizontal or vertical axis, from small peripheral for home need up to 50 hp vertical pumps for industrial applications.
Drainage and sewage pumps, can be in stainless steel or cast iron, from 0,30 hp up to 20 hp. Can use to empty your well or pool or bor construction sites.

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