6MR 6″ Water filled resinated submersible motors

6” submersible asynchronous two-pole electric motor made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and cast iron protected with an electrophoresic paint coating for the parts in contact with water. The thrust block and bushes are cooled and lubricated with a mixture of water and glycol.

The rotor is mounted on a Kingsbury self-centring thrust block designed to withstand significant axial loads. Stator housed in an airtight stainless steel casing. The cable connector is removable for the purpose of quick and easy maintenance. The cable is ACS, WRAS and KTW certified. The motor is suitable for use with variable frequency drive (30 Hz – 50). Available in a three-phase version with DOL or STAR-DELTA starting and the user must provide the motor protection.

Version completely in AISI 316 stainless steel with a silicon carbide mechanical seal can be fitted on request. The motor is available in a version equipped with a PT100 or PTC (only DOL version) temperature sensor.


  • Canned-type stator in an airtight casing made of AISI 304L stainless steel and flanges treated with corrosion inhibitor. The stator has 24 slots to ensure better elasticity and smooth operation; the copper conductors have a double layer of Class F insulating enamel.
  • Kingsbury thrust block equipped with carbon clearance ring and oscillating pads in highstrength stainless steel machined with a spherical lapping process.
  • Shaft in stainless steel, with extremity section in “Duplex”; squirrel cage rotor in copper for all power ratings.
  • Removable cable connector
  • 6” NEMA standard coupling dimensions
  • D.O.L. or Star Delta starting


  • Maxium water starting per hour: 25
  • Cooling flow speed: min 0,3 m/s 35° C
  • Axial  thrust: 16000 N from 4 to 22 kW  / 27000N from 30 kW
  • Maximum immersion depth: 300 mt
  • Horizontal operation position: admitted from 4 up to 37 kW