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About Us

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Soggia Water Pumps is a specialised company in the manufacture of electric pumps for domestical and industrial applications: surface pumps, submersible for dirty water and submersible pumps from 4 “to 12” for wells, assembling groups of Pressurisation, drivers and all accessories for pumps. Due to our presence on the international scene, we can offer clients the best solutions available on the world market today, thanks to its attention to technological innovation and carefully selected materials. Innovation is our strength, and it has led us to expand our business network, always offering the latest products in the field of electropump production.

Our Products

We find any solution in water pumps you are looking for.

Surface at horizontal or vertical axis, from small peripheral for home need up to 50 hp vertical pumps for industrial applications.

High quality, 100% made in Italy wide range of submersible pumps and motors going from 4″  up to 12″ wells, covering all applications and needs.

Drainage and sewage pumps, can be in stainless steel or cast iron, from 0,30 hp up to 20 hp. Can use to empty your well or pool or bor construction sites.

We assemble in our plants booster sets, from standard jet pumps with 24 liter tank, up to groups of 4 pumps for many civil or industrial applications.

The place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your needs.

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!

We build pressurization systems, from small kit for single homes up to 3/4 pumps booster sets managed by control panel with inverter for big civil applications.

Can serve a wide range of industrial application, with our multistages horizontal or vertical pumps, normalized pumps, also managed by inverter systems.

irrigation, agriculture, water

In our production can find surface pumps for garden irrigation, or submersible pumps from 4 to 12″ that can serve small up to very big irrigation plants. 

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